Salary and Benefits

Salary and Benefits


  • The NMSP has the statewide authority to investigate and enforce criminal statutes, motor vehicle statutes, and administrative statutes.

Opportunities for Advancement

  • Officers have the opportunity to apply/test for advanced/specialized unitsincluding:
    • Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement
    • Investigations Bureau
    • Tactical Team
    • Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squad
    • K9 Team
    • Aircraft Section
    • Governor’s Security Detail
    • Crime Scene Team
    • Crash Reconstruction Unit
    • Special Investigations Unit
    • Crisis Negotiations Team
    • Search and Recovery Dive Team
    • Motor Team
    • Honor Guard

Uniforms & Equipment

  • All initial uniforms and equipment are provided.
  • Commissioned Officers receive a uniform allowance of $500 twice per year for the purchase of uniform items (After 1 year of service.)
  • Take home vehicle


  • 25 year retirement at 75%, with the ability to earn up to 90% with longevity.
    • Please contact PERA for questions about retirement service credit and benefits
  • No maximum age limit to start your career, no age requirement to retire.
  • Optional New Mexico 457 Plan (Deferred Compensation)



Duty Assignments

Duty assignments for NMSP Officers are located throughout the State of New Mexico.  NMSP Lateral Applicants will be informed of available duty assignments during the selection process. The Lateral applicant will be able to choose a duty assignment/location, and the applicant will know where he/she will be stationed prior to starting the academy. This location will be guaranteed and upon successful completion of the lateral academy, the applicant/officer will be stationed in this location.

New recruits who graduate from the Academy first serve two years in the Uniform Bureau in their assigned location, then may apply for transfer to another district or for service in one of the Advanced/Specialized Units.

Other Incentives

  • Competitive salaries
  • Military/Law Enforcement incentives – Waiver of 60 college hour requirements, for entry, with two or more years of military service or 3 years of law enforcement experience as a state certified police officer
  • Health & Dental Insurance – Comprehensive and competitive plans, with options for vision and pre-paid legal services
  • Life & Disability Insurance – $50,000 per DPS employee, with an additional $25,000 for being an NMSP Officer
  • Option to purchase additional supplemental life insurance
  • Vacation – Paid Vacation of 15-24 days per year, Paid Sick Leave of 12 days per year
  • Duty Injury Leave – Allowance of up to 1440 paid hours for work-related injury/illness that occurs while performing non-administrative law enforcement duties.
  • Additional Earning Opportunities
    • Overtime Opportunities
    • Shift differential
    • Holiday Pay
    • Incentive Pay for Bachelors ($100 per month) and Masters Degrees ($125 per month)
    • A percentage increase is allowed for certain specialized positions